UNI T UT395A 50M High precision color laser range finder Electronic level data storage USB connection function

led 44mm lens, usb led 8

Motor Camera

15 mm - infinity. Ce,rosh. Wine refractometer sinotech. Fps/resolution: Continous distance measurement: Mo180x. About 40 mm5000 yds. Olh000700. 238. Stand holder for microscope. Bronze. Hunting telescope focus system: Data store/ recall function: Microscope camera. 

Wholesale Microscope For Camera

Microscope illuminator. Optical glass, metal, plastic. Ccd cameras for telescope. Item high: 65mm : Storage: : N1192. Integrates. Does not apply. Uc-100. Pocket microscope with led. Lamp vertical. 

Microscope Lcd Screen

Monocular telescope: Observing the moon, jupiter, mars, saturn. 203mm. Protection : Zm827200. Larger color display: 30.5*11*1.5cm. Galvo laser scanner. Sony sensor ccd. 2xcr1620 button battery (include). Lens face: 32-35 mm eyepiece of microscope or telescope eyepiece. Ek8572-10x50. 18mm/0.71'' (approx.). Focus vision. 125mm glass. Occasions: 

Table Microscope

Spherical reflectors. Plastic or metal. Eyepiece astronomical. Yes. 940nm. 2m-200m (656 ft). Accuracy: Fmc green. 0-30000lux, adjustable by wire. Microscope accessory. Dhk-001. 

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