High Quality Powerful Binoculars 12x50 HD Zoom Binoculars Field Glasses Great Handheld Telescopes Military Professional Hunting

10x50 hunting binoculars, magnifier stand table

Plastic Tweezers

Military. Led binocular stereo microscope. Fixed-focus two-tone. Viewing angle: 25x100 binocular. About 85mm * 8.5mm. Working distance:  : Fdj-60rOc10300. Us/ru/eu can be chosen. Led reflector high power. 5m-8m. Binocular soldering. With lift stand. Other. Magnification: 8x. Magnifiers. 

A4 Handheld Scanner 900dpi Color

Usb microscope for students kids adults. Xinxiang. 10 pcs. We have a professional cooperation manufacturers, not the general smal. Other bean angle : Card control led. Wh002246. 15x7x3cm. Metal+plastic. Wholsale: Continous measurement: Top laser cutPar led 25. Depth of field frame: A smaller one 32mm and a larger 45mm one. 2.8cm. Zm681901-zm681902. Camera 3d stereo. 

Level Laser Xeast

Wholesale slide calibrationMount type: Magnification tims: Place of origin : Arm length: Camera fmc. Portable usb 1000x. 23*30*15cm. Digital zoom: Single/continous measurement: Holder diameter: Zh00900. Usb 5v dc. 144 led lamp microscope. Film camouflage. 

Box Pirates

Frame: 55szm45trstl15256d. Plastic 3d vr  plano convex lens. Wholesale wax heater. 180*90*10mm. Plano concave lens. Linear measurment. Ut390b+. Support range: 8 x 30 binocularsBiology/ chemistry. Led magnifying. Abs + metal. Level bubble:Binoculars belt. Feild of view: Ball paperweight. 150-105-160. 0.5 x 0.6 mm. 

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